Contact My Physician

Leaving a Message during Business Hours

If you need to leave a message for your physician, you can call the practice to reach the medical assistant or his/her voicemail. Medical assistants are in clinic most days and therefore, may need 48-hours to return any phone messages.

Send a message on the Patient Portal, FollowMyHealth

After Office Hours

Cornerstone Orthopaedics provides our patients with 24-hour access to our on-call physician for patients’ orthopaedic emergencies. There is always a physician on-call who can be reached through our main number at (303) 456-6000 or (303) 665-2603. This may not be your usual physician, so you should be prepared to answer some questions for the on-call physician if necessary. Please remember the on-call physician will not approve prescription refill requests after hours, and in order for our physicians to call you back, your phone needs to accept blocked phone numbers.