Physical Therapy

Cornerstone Orthopedics is pleased to offer Physical Therapy as one of our services. What differentiates our therapy services from therapy centers outside our office is the improved communication between our therapists and our physicians. Our therapists have direct access to our doctors which allows the therapist to know exactly what rehabilitation protocol is required for each patient.

Additionally, if you have an issue the therapist feels needs the immediate attention of one of our physicians, they have the capability of walking down the hall and getting a surgeon to assess your situation during your therapy visit.  We feel this is a significant added value of having therapy at Cornerstone. Finally our therapy team possesses decades of experience in treating orthopedic injuries and surgical rehabilitation. We strive to find therapists who share our passion for providing a positive experience in a therapeutic environment. We are extremely proud of our therapy team and hope you will consider receiving your therapy at Cornerstone.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept all insurance products in our therapy department.  Please check with our therapy desk to confirm if we accept your insurance.  With all patients requiring therapy we are happy to refer you to an outside therapy provider if you have an existing relationship with a therapist or if you need a more convenient location.