“Hospital Free” Total Joint Replacement

Improvements in surgical techniques, among other factors, have led to the ability to perform same-day total joint replacements. At Cornerstone Orthopedics, Dr. Eickmann and Dr. Weber, are performing outpatient surgeries – where the benefits of both patient satisfaction and cost reduction is significant.



Pictured above, are total hip outpatients of Dr. Weber (far left) and Dr. Eickmann (far right).

Dr. Weber was the Director of the Rapid Knee and Hip Recovery Program at the Kearney Regional Medical Center in Nebraska and was performing about 500 joint replacements per year. “I love returning patients back to the active lifestyle they desire, and will consider all options with patients.”

Dr. Eickmann began performing hip and knee replacements at The Surgery Center at Lutheran as a 23-hour stay in February 2012, and a year later began sending his patient’s home the same day as surgery. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, just how healthy you are.”

Below, is a video news clip of Dr. Eickmann and Dr. Weber, highlighting the benefits of outpatient total joint replacement.

Outpatient Benefits

-Out-of-pocket cost per patient is half that of a hospital stay
-Nursing to patient ratio=1/1
-Getting new medications through pharmacy takes 1 week
-Decreased risk of infection
-Improved experience: same quality care and ability to recover in the comfort of own home
-Pain is better controlled at home through self-management
-Overall satisfaction higher
-0% readmission rate among 60 cases

Not every patient is a candidate for same-day joint replacement. Patients must be in good overall health, without chronic disease or dependence on narcotics for pain control.