Providing our patients with quality care and successful outcomes is what our practice is all about. We are pleased to share these compliments from our patients, and we look forward to providing you with a great experience!


“Just had right hip replacement, today. Dr Weber has the modern methods. I was scared as I’ve never had any surgery before. His preparation protocol is so smart. He is my best fan and gave me such confidence going in. I can already walk and get in and out of bed by myself, he is so proud of me but not as proud as I am to have him as my doc. Doing my second side in only 3 weeks and I’m so glad I am, why wait to hurt like the first side. Both hips will heal together. I so recommend him to anyone.”

“Clean, efficient, well-managed practice. Kudos to your group. Docs who run on time are like unicorns – and to find one with a kind bedside manner AND skills – wow. Great job Cornerstone and Dr Ocel.”

“Everyone was courteous and professional from the Receptionist to Hillery to Dr. Jonathon Backus. Thank you for your attentive care and especially to Dr. Backus.”

“Really awesome experience. After years of pain, I was finally properly diagnosed and given a treatment plan for my knee. I believe the problem was handled in one appointment! But I do plan to see Dr. Weber again, hopefully he can help with my shoulder. I am very confident in his ability.”

“Dr. Weber and his assistant were so nice made you comfortable, also like he knew you for along time. His concern was great, pleasing that is why my husband wants to see him also next week. Thank you Dr. Weber.”

“Dr. Castro is an awesome surgeon. He tells you exactly what he sees with the injury and what exactly will help you. I have found with talking to Cornerstone staff, and the staff at the hospital the Dr. Castro only does surgery when it will benefit the patient and that is nice to find in a surgeon.”

“The Cornerstone staff explained everything very thoroughly and made sure that I knew the treatments were my choice, giving me reasons why they thought any particular action was the best way to go.”

“Dr. Castro took time to explain everything I needed to know before my neck surgery… very caring!”

“Dr. Ciccone helped explain the extent of my injury and has helped manage my expectations on the recovery timeline, which is very important to me. Understanding the lengthy recovery timeline is important so I don’t expect a faster recovery than was is probable.”

“Dr. Ciccone listened to my concerns, repeated them back to me, and we came up with a very workable plan.”

“Dr. Eickmann with the help of Erika Quane showed remarkable knowledge, experience and a deep sense of caring about their patients and their chosen area of surgery. They were kind and helped me relax by showing me not only professionalism but a sense of humor that I truly appreciated. My quick recovery from my hip replacements (2 in 3 months) is without a doubt a direct result of Dr. Eickmann’s expertise in surgery and his dedication to providing the absolute best care he possibly can. I could not be happier with my surgeries and the care I received at Cornerstone. Thank you all… you have changed my life!”

“Dr. Eickmann identified the problem, was pleasant and courteous, and worked me into his very busy schedule because my pain was acute and I was worried that I had done something to damage my joint replacement that had been previously done. It would have been easy for him to jump straight to surgery. However, he explained treatment options and involved me in the decision. I really appreciated this…”

“Dr. Hsin was very patient and comforting to my daughter. She had to have her finger reset and she was very scared. She loves him!!!” “Dr. Hsin has a calm and confident bedside manner. He thoroughly explained my injury and how it is treated. He smiled and looked at me while speaking to me. He used a sense of humor as well. He asked me questions about the accident and listened well.”

“I’ve known Dr. Hsin for a while now, and completely trust him with the health of my arm. I had a positive experience the first time, and will always come back.”

“I am one of those patients who like to know more about everything. Dr. Mann answered all my questions, and engaged me at the level I desired. He even arranged for me to watch the surgical procedure on my own screen during the surgery – which I loved!”

“I came in with serious pain and left feeling much better, the following day had no pain… a miracle!!!”

“I was referred to Cornerstone Orthopedics by my primary care doctor for my knee surgery in May 2007. He had used Cornerstone for his shoulder surgery. I felt if my doctor trusts Cornerstone to perform his surgery, then I’d use them for my knee surgery. I had very positive experience with my knee surgery in May 2007 and when I injured my other knee in August of 2010. I didn’t even consider using any other practice for my knee surgery and specifically asked for Dr Mann again.”

“Dr. Mazzola did a great job by listening to my concerns and made sure to check all possible problems and solutions. He was friendly and made sure to spend enough time with me so that I understood my treatment and knew exactly how to take care of it. Thanks, Dr. Mazzola!”

“Dr. Mazzola explained my injury very clearly and was very friendly and engaging. I appreciated that he treated me like I had a brain and didn’t need things “dumbed down”.”

“Dr. Mazzola was professional, respectful, answered my questions to my satisfaction, explained my problem clearly, and explained the treatment options and what would be involved. During the procedure, he explained what he was doing and why and was considerate of my feelings.”

“Dr. Mazzola was friendly and informative. He apologized for the long wait and was sincere. He was cheerful and seemed genuine in his interest in me as an individual. Great ‘bed-side ‘manner!”

“Dr. Ocel is patient and behind those big blue eyes is a caring human who is also a Doctor. Coming in to see him with questions and concerns is always an uneasy feeling until he reassures me with a professional answer. He is just great!”

“Dr. Ocel was friendly, concerned and provided me with help for my injury.”

“Dr. Ocel was very friendly and explained the procedure for surgery. He also was more than happy to wait for my spouse to arrive to explain his evaluation and needed surgery. His confidence and excitement in his job made me confident in him. I was not disappointed in my experience as my best friend referred me to him and he was everything she said he would be.”

“Knowing that Dr. Ocel took as much time with me as he did any of his other patients, made the waiting acceptable for me! I wish I would have had Dr. Ocel do my surgery!!! I would have been SO MUCH MORE informed than I ever was with my previous Dr.!”

“Dr. Ocel is warm, friendly, caring, and personable; he smiled a lot, and showed great enthusiasm over my progress. He has a fun sense of humor and took time to show and explain x-rays very thoroughly. He summarized my injury history, current status and future needs, and gave very helpful specific tips at specific stages (i.e. suggested driving with a flip-flop when the boot was removed…Great idea!). He was willing to be flexible and resourceful and to trust me when issues came up (i.e. replaced cast early with boot.. thank you! Thank you! – Worked out great!) I think the world of Dr. Ocel and admire his high level of quality expertise as well as the humanly/professional way with which he carries and presents himself.”